Кровавый рыцарь (Diablo Immortal)

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Кровавый рыцарь
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Кровавый рыцарь (англ. Blood Knight) — один из находящихся в разработке классов персонажей в Diablo Immortal.


72px Dash Stab
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When the target moves away from you, you will dash. When the target is in front of you, you will launch a barrage.
72px Stab and Smash
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Use the spear to provoke and damage an enemy in front of you, then smash the enemy to the ground, causing damage to all surrounding enemies and adding a stun.
72px Dark Conduits
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Shoots multiple blood vessels forward to connect enemies and deal damage. After a short delay, pull all enemies to your side and deal damage.
72px Bloodsuck
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Continues to drain the life of surrounding enemies, continuously dealing damage and adding a drain effect.
72px Bat Troop
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The Blood Knight summons a bat troop in a certain area for X seconds. While active, you can use the skill again to command the bat troop. Bat Troop will automatically track nearby enemies. Inflicts X damage to enemies within range every X seconds.
72px Shadow Mass
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Gives you and surrounding teammates the power of shadows, during which every {3} basic attacks will generate shadows to mimic your attacks.
72px Shadow Spear
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Unleashes a shadow spear forward, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. You can press and hold the skill to charge to increase the flight distance, damage range and damage of the Shadow Spear.
72px Dark Edge
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If the enemy is far away from you, throw a ranged attack of Bloodsplinter. If the enemy is in front of you, melee attack with the Bloodblade.
72px Rotary Sweep
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Rotate the spear three times for sweeping strikes, causing at most X damage to surrounding units. You can move during sweeping strikes.
72px Blackfogs
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Releases a black fog that lasts for X seconds, affecting surrounding units. Monsters located in the black fog will attack other monsters. Enemy players in the dark fog cannot use Smart Casting.
72px Dark Demon
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Use the skill to transform into a terrible gorefiend for X seconds. When you kill the enemy, you will get evil blood, but when you accumulate enough, you can actively use the skills to transform into a terrible blood demon for X seconds.
72px Dark Demon: Bloodstrike
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Strikes a wave of blood forward, dealing damage to enemies along the way and knocking them into the air.


Интересные факты

  • 3D-модели, текстуры и описания умений кровавого рыцаря были найдены в файлах клиента Diablo Immortal для закрытого бета-тестирования.






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