Обновление 0.6.0 (Diablo IV)

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Экран входа версии
Обновление для Diablo IV вышло 18 октября 2022 года. С этим обновлением началось бета-тестирования контента для персонажей высокого уровня.

19 октября вышло обновление до версии, в которой исправили проблему с крашами при включенной трассировке лучей.

Welcome to Closed End Game Beta!

We welcome thee to our Closed End Game Beta!

In this early taste of Sanctuary, the Diablo IV main questline will be unavailable to experience and is treated as having already been completed by your hero. Instead, your story begins in the capital city of Kyovashad at level 1.

Once you've finished creating your savior of Sanctuary, we implore you to open the Map, get a lay of the land, and acquaint yourself with the Renown system. There are still features to be discovered along the way -- keep an eye on your journal for new Priority Quests to unlock additional systems as you level up.

The maws of darkness have a hold on Sanctuary, including a special challenge at World Tier 5 for the strongest of adventurers—go forth and unshackle these lands!

-Diablo IV Development Team

Known Issues

  • Data and network errors may occur when attempting to play the game before it is fully downloaded.
  • [Resolved] The game may crash when enabling the raytracing option.


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